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—The Marks of Caine—

The Walk of Shadows

Allesia Caine has been running from her destiny for a long time. Now she’s in hiding as an English teacher at an old school in the middle of the British countryside.

But time has run out and destiny has caught up with her.

Aided by a trickster and a grave keeper, Caine must face the dark secrets of her family’s past and fight to ensure she has any kind of future.

The CHarcoal Crown

Wyrtham Academy’s headteacher has gone missing, and that spells trouble for Allesia Caine.

As she races to discover all she can about the disappearance, she is thrown into a hunt for a mysterious artefact capable of rewriting a person’s fate.

Who wants it, and to what end? More importantly, can it change the course her ignorance has set her upon?

Rivers of Ink

The plan was for Loki to bury her dad’s head in a lake of fire. Apparently the plan hadn’t worked.

When an Asgardian god turns up on her doorstep, demanding to know what has become of his kin, Allesia Caine has to pull out all the stops to find out what trouble the Trickster has gotten himself into.

But to find him, she has to wade through rivers of ink…

Addicted to Love

Valentine’s Day approaches, and Allesia Caine hasn’t got a stitch to wear.

While on the hunt for something suitable, Caine and Nevermore get involved in someone else’s hunt: with deadly consequences.

Revised Edition included as part of


Shadows in Time

When a school trip to London goes very wrong, events from her forgotten past intrude violently into her present, and Allesia Caine finds herself dangerously entangled in family matters once again.

Betrayed and injured, can Caine fix a mistake before her past and everything she holds dear become nothing more than shadows in time…


Queen of Air and Darkness

Allesia Caine has been many things over the centuries. ‘Lucky’ isn’t one of them.

With her uncle trapped in crystal, her father skulking in the shadows, and the threat of ancient Things lurking at the back of her mind, Allesia Caine can no longer run.

When a mysterious voice starts whispering her name, and the moon fills the sky, it’s time for her to take a stand.

It might be her last.


Eye of the Beholder

It’s been two years since Allesia Caine sent an incubus screaming back to Hell on Valentine’s Day. It’s been almost as long since she disappeared into the Archive and hasn’t been seen since.

And Morrow the succubus is taking that totally well and good, thanks for asking…

Includes a revised edition

Stained With Shadow

Allesia Caine has been busy. As the Queen of Shadow, it’s her job — and only hers, as the Mantle keeps reminding her — to keep the whole of Creation safe from unspeakable Things beyond the veils and rules of sanity.

So when a vampire shows up in her father’s former Court and tells her than the ruins of Wyrtham have gone missing from their final resting place in the Sunless Sea, Caine is more than a little concerned that something big is afoot…

Text and Artwork © 2020 Jon Burrage. All Rights Reserved.